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Eleven Odd 12 Line Poems

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  That Fat Fat American e-Crap

That fat-that, that e-crap—that I fat
phone I that American e-crap.  I crap that.

e-Crap I fat that.  Crap fat that American
e-fat, phone fat, I fat.  I fat that e-fat that-that

American I crap.  That crap I e-fat that-crap
phone crap, that.  I crap that American e-fat.

Take it back, Jack—take it back down...  Take
a crap Jack that American e-fat (doodoo some

a that-that) American no how.  Phone I some
doodoo that I crap that e-fat-that.  I fat, Jack.

I e-crap.  No how I phone some American I
that-that, that I fat that e-crap.  Take it fat-back.


Time time, time-last in or dawn canna
canna-amethyst highly, highly broken.

And if stanza verse stanza canna, bar.
Orchid bar.  Orchid bar arpeggio.  Stanza

canna time-last amethyst highly or
broken, bar.  Bar cardamon crescent east.

East amethyst.  East canna.  East apreggio-
broken bar stanza canna highly if crescent

an or caravan amethyst or deftness.  Bar
orchid bar, time-last canna arpeggio.  In

dawn deftness, in stanza deftness, in or stanza
verse canna deftness—bar cardamon arpeggio.

  Haughty Temple

Listen:   m'eyes starry den intaglio:  m'eyes
harken caravansary:   m'eyes striding in

august delivery, in the outlayed nations; love.
In love among the outlayed nations, m'eyes

stride upon sepia roses:   m'eyes heartstrong
and forthright:  m'eyes ready:  m'eyes

m'eyes.  Offers propel the incendiary:   offers
deluge.  The incendiary ascends the heartstrong

and groggy sublime.  Flame:   m'eyes waken
in thrusting:   m'eyes tame the found-shaking:

m'eyes canter down breakthrough, down heartstrong
and ascending, down incendiary, down the flaming

  Life Let By

Morning forage, morning-terrifically green
ease let forage.  Life surmise life shelter

the by life exemplary, life let light
by light—by on light let.  Life on ease

let morning-terrifically forage.  Life ease
shelter, green light.  Light above rain roofs.

Roofs forage, roofs let.  Roofs on shelter light-
life let life by, rain put ease on forage.  Ease

surrenders.  Light by light, morning-terrifically
life on let.  Green surmise surrenders, green

life surrenders, green ease life exemplary
by let surrenders—light above on rain shelter.

  The Likes of Which

Open doors, doors-which offer vagaries; peculiar as
can was—as amplifies distance, distance unspoken.

As our expected our expected was:  ample
one-winged ample—as one-winged ample was

expected.  Doors-which amplifies distance peculiar
unspoken and ample.  Ample the better animate

amplifies that was.  That was...  unspoken, open.
Ample expected was our distance:  animate,

open, peculiar, preference amplifies peculiar can.
Ample one-winged ample, doors-which open was,

vagaries;  that can, vagaries;  expected can, vagaries;
peculiar expected our was can-ample as better was.

  Then Thensome

Second passion second-angel, this verse being dawn
passion-sweet anchor deftness, anchor canna asking

may dawn love muddy love thensome.  Asking deftness
then thensome.  Then thensome may fading.  Love

thensome, second-angel sweet as anchor verse
canna and deftness.  Thensome margin on love soft:

asking soft sweet; soft margin;  soft fading—canna
thensome love thensome love anchor.  Dawn asking

verse passion being sweet verse chance.  Thensome this
then thensome, second-angel thensome fading.  This

being chance, this love chance, this then verse love
muddy thensome, chance-thensome margin fading.

  Hurt Stack Searching

Looking while, while-was atop looking he mitted
while-headed his...  his honey-smeared;  pressed

dick farce crying farce mitted, something stone
something—stone something searching.  Farce

mitted while-was headed his looking something
honey-smeared; something stop hurt stack

stop headed.  Stop mitted.  Stop searching atop
honey-smeared; something farce mitted his dick hurt.

The looking he headed looking bored.  Something
stone something while-was mitted searching.  Atop

he bored, atop farce bored, atop looking farce
crying mitted bored—something stop searching.


Radicchio, radicchio—arugula chives endive
onion endive, red leaf and butter lettuce.  Red

onion—red leaf crouton chives olive
radish radicchio endive endive vinagrette.

Romano crouton, red leaf olive butter lettuce
chives, arugula, red onion radish oil and

olive radicchio vinagrette.  Olive endive
arugula red leaf, red leaf chives radicchio.

Endive radicchio, radish romano radicchio
oil endive chives endive—oil romano

radicchio.  Red onion red leaf radicchio—
arugula chives endive, oil endive, olive
      crouton vinagrette.

  Por Qué Tenemos

Llamas llamas, encantador-tenemos de las absurdamente
encantador-tantas por qué.  Por qué las problemas

llamas encantador y tenemos de encantador.  Absurdamente
enigmas  y absurdamente.  Enigmas tantas de encantador.

Y encantador llamas-tenemos tantas por qué de las
problemas, absurdamente.  Por qué llamas absurdamente

llamas tantas.  Por qué encantador; absurdamente por qué-
problemas llamas y encantador por qué y tenemos, y

problemas y las enigmas de las tantas.  Absurdamente
enigmas y absurdamente encantador-tenemos.  Por qué de

absurdamente, por qué tenemos tantas por qué—llamas
y tantas de por qué encantador por qué-las las enigmas.

  Common Men

Lieu and in lieu and in lieu-playing portrait along
the waited and want-edit.  Men and men incorporate

as edit meter pondered and saw pondered waited.  Used
clouds using.  Clouds used rain, and pondered

the wait in lieu-playing edit:  common along men
incorporate—all enlisted service used.  Using

service edit.  Service waited, in rain along-service
incorporate.  Used pondered waited metered men

enlisted and common listing edit:  common and used
clouds used in lieu-playing waited rain.  Along

a portrait, a portrait pondered, a common portrait
waited and saw want all used in used-rain waiting.

  Vexed and Baying

Stone my bone—stone-any vexed and my were
random arrogant recluse.  Recluse random

bone traveled bare-chested were given will
baying.  Baying will, will searching bare-bone

chested were stone-any arrogant recluse and
no will.  No-bone baying wonders vexed and will

sirens mission, sirens searching vexed wonder.
No will bare-chested were recluse bone traveled.

Vexed bone wonder and searching arrogant and
will baying-will stone-any no searching.  Vexed

my recluse—looking bare-chested wonder—vexed
and traveled were recluse-will mission searching.

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