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    6'-1"   185     green eyes, gray hair, pale skin
    abdominal scar from hernia
    two daughters

    At age 10 I was an innocent stutterer completely unaware of the profound effect it would have on my life.
    At age 20 I was an undeclared undergraduate student in Los Angeles with a student deferment taking predominantly
          English Lit courses.
    At age 30 I was unemployed having recently finished graduate school and about to begin my career with the US Forest
    At age 40 I left the graphics shop and moved into a position as computer programmer/analyst working primarily as a
          database specialist.
    At age 50 I loved my job as a unix programmer and had recently started working with this new thing called the internet.
    At age 60 I realized on a weekend trip to Yosemite that I was tired of working and retired the following year.
    At age 63 I had outlived all of my close male relatives. Life goes on...
    At age 70 I don't know what to say (I'm still alive)


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