Collected Poetry

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Collected Poetry  

Listing of poetry e-Books written by R.D. King.

Near the bottom of the copyright page each e-Book has two links leading to the contents. One link leads to a standard table of contents with a link to each poem and each poem has a next link leading to the next poem. The second link leads to an expandable table of contents which is a single page—each poem link expands to reveal the poem. This option may be more suitable for small viewing devices.

The year listed is when the manuscript was begun.

[ e-Books ]     description / start date
Salmon Cannas Early prose poems—b. 1973.
Summaries Early prose poems—asyntactical, b. 1976.
American Summer Poems written while traveling—b. 1977—expanded periodically.
In California Begun in 1978.
Beating Heart, Dancing Feet Begun in 1985—expanded periodically.
The Big Picture Small poems in groups—b. 1986—expanded periodically.
Version Eddy Part one of impromptu trilogy—b. 1988.
Passion Eddy Part two of impromptu trilogy.
Diesel Eddy Part three of impromptu trilogy.
Stolen Kisses Centos and pseudocentos—b. 1994.
Standing Water Selected poems:   1973-2013.
Summarized Rewrite of early asyntactical prose poems, 2014.

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