Peppermill Reflections

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Peppermill Reflections:

»     digital photographs of the Tuscany Tower—Peppermill Hotel Casino, Reno, Nevada.

  «   In 2006 the Peppermill Hotel Casino added a second hotel tower, the Tuscany Tower—nineteen stories. The facade is largely glass. The original building is Y-shaped with the open end facing the Tuscany Tower which is slightly concave. Soon after it was completed I noticed one afternoon while laying poolside that the old tower was reflecting on the glass of the new tower. As the sun moved the reflection changed and was often slightly distorted which created interesting abstract patterns. On most subsequent visits I would make a point of checking out the reflection which I found also changes with the seasons or the current weather. Often I wonder if the architects planned this event.  

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06282-303 view of Tuscany Tower from 12th floor
04227-272 old tower reflecting in new tower
00092-224 Father's Day photo
00104-224 Father's Day photo
06692-316 first photo following retirement
06697-316 full size upper reflection
06320-303 on a hot afternoon
07537-326 on a cloudy day
07541-326 corner shot of old tower
07550-326 cloudy day, different angle, December
07648-326 waiting for the elevator
07726-328 on a clear day
07730-328 odd geometry (clear days, brighter blues)
07918-333 sunset spa reflection
07929-333 January sunset
07934-333 three views of the spa reflecting
07949-333 three views of the spa reflecting
07953-333 three views of the spa reflecting
08169-334 sunspot (removed)
07926-333 evening reflection
08178-334 much like a sun setting in the sea
00425-365 November light
00431-365 November light
00416-365 November light
03634-437 dark and cloudy
03656-437 fecal release in pool
03666-437 August
05559-482 about to fly
05563-482 July
01966-545 dusk
01971-545 dusk zoom
01988-545 dusk zoom grainy
_1161-597 womanish
August 23-24 9 photos taken August 23-24 2018 (with thumbnails)
_1771-671 the original tower seen from spa balcony
_1781-671 lower story floors and curtains seen from spa balcony
_1796-671 the Tuscany horizontal striping seen from spa balcony
March 1st 15 photos taken March 1st, 2020 (with thumbnails)

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