Digital Collage

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Digital Collage

»   The digital collages were created by reassembling small pieces from works by other artists in small ways—mainly, using flood-fill options or pattern tiling. The tiles have been garnered from the original artist using simple cut-and-paste methods, and merry stealth.

«   Unfinished Beach Scene with Hockney Umbrella


[ digital collage ]     art types/sources
Untitled Kandinsky:   assorted tiles
888-8888 Kandinsky:   assorted tiles
Gauguin a go go Caillebotte, Kandinsky
The Book of Mary Canaletto, Diebenkorn, original art
The Korn Shell Canaletto, Hockney, David
A List of Sumerian Deity assorted tiles
Histogram:   Doheny Sunset Hockney, film leader
Tuesday Afternoon Diebenkorn, Gris, original art
Listless Remorse original art
Reassembled and Thensome Hockney (Pearblossom Highway reassembled)
Unfinished Beach Scene original art, Hockney
lickety split Rothko   (ASCII bit array)
a man and woman international symbols   (ASCII bit array)
Milton, Milton, Milton, Milton Avery, Avery, Avery, Avery
The Cloning of Venus Botticelli
An Inconspicious Draw tic tac toe foe   (ASCII bit array)
Summer of Love Johns, Johns   (ASCII bit array)
Variants Kandinsky, Kandinsky
Every Day Was Just Another Day original art
Inarticulate Dispute Hockney, original art
benzodiazepines emojis   (ASCII bit array)
his fatty liver emojis   (ASCII bit array)

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