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»   Original poetry by Northern California poet, R.D. King including a selection of e-chapbooks selected from various manuscripts each with a different theme or poem format. Also, a link leads to the Collected Poetry with sublinks to a dozen manuscripts some of which are still in active status and updated frequently.

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»   e-Chapbooks of original poetry


19 Poems selected poems from several manuscripts
19 Poems About Rivers and Roads selected poems from American Summer
Spring ten poem groups of short poems (4-5 lines)
Summaries asyntactical prose poems
Scenes from American Summer poems written while traveling
Larry poems about some guy named Larry (12 line poems)
Twelve 12 Line Poems a dozen poems in a twelve-line format
Twelve More 12 Line Poems a dozen more poems in a twelve-line format
Alphabetical Listing of 12 Line Poems assorted twelve line poems on a single page

»   e-Books of original poetry


The Collected Poems — R.D. King the collected manuscripts in two web formats

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