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              »   Asyntactical prose poems (1976).

  Tender Lobby

      Lure on flask nightclerk cellar beef air banking cardigan flan mirrors.   Gentlemen sworn bell fare near handle clause, rule, screens spoke legal glancing.   Punches moot collar environs.   Gear applause, hearty shoe jerkings candle side remonstrances inching a tier sleeves, tumblers, simple row ware; follow mere loose scratching.   …stain, rusty bowlers and, digits flat bannister buckle gravies down unnoticed. Drips linen.   Too replenish sofa from call turkey, halls turkey more turkey more round dancers boa trapping exits feather.   Cleave rouge age.
      Dried bolo waxes mantle, rhinestones, fancy, saying port apples luggage.   Knives thumbing ear remarks marks, pounds, dollars, fancies—kindle brick sterling rocker caught napkins.   Is necktie chew matter.   Knows passes fruit tailor.
      Stuffed the lobby smoking panes lamp at newsprint evening edges.   Inside muff clatter jokes end to kitchen quiet funnies.   Reclined, with glasses bald pole shadows, branding reading.

  Buzz Billy Sulk

      Chalk what flew Billy thensome.   Slam ankle yank temper fee cone beer money wisely.   Ball tour wrap tall, bore wrap tea carry once ounce air or so Ma.   Leap soon eat chore less sis mop poke to pop a fairway. Stay ARCO trap shove deceive lean the bend shunned.   Our cut man cover hour doubt, hardly thaw tripped moon part meant.   Anxious an sore hurry drift bringing cleft enough saw there.   Past is oh.
      Other do rocked reached hints snappy caps surely are.   Other do rocked rolled.   Greet sorry rips pack john jingle:   chuck dun with chuck dun.   Alley rail not cannery wheel cat bricks soon such sail.   Pinned grease anger sinks much loaned artery remains much bowed motel.


      When tall which sought ready assessed shot soon teasing window, when too cant marginal hot in shoe blessed tested, the win sector toppled tot accord.   Are kindred orchard sailed no tropes but xylophone incentive.   Sand savvy roar, sand savvy roar ragged acre be so bused on smitten much floor order deftly.   I cottage yes a wardrobe.   Tin barker took inhospitable comas; where women wishing.
      Whereas Vienna, therefore Wien.   March Marx whelm blister two do fiscal corridor:   like as.

  Grain Soar

      Trek radar palsy jitters chew.   Insistent pierce sought jet rancor gnaw arctic rival stage gruelling.   Caprice, arc cheap butter off.   Saddle kin dwelling.   Winston sin sin Roger.   Goodbye fowl trend woo, ballroom, wedge early partner card son—yearly sinew.
      Leak angular mistook woven navigator sand surrey even con nod ah.   Be knocker send sawed, "An aren't key, givingly bend soda toast."   Reef easy bookie slam harbinger gale.
      Shy dough, variant clock knee, whisper marrow tithe against eager grain soar soprano.   Toxic back turn wriggle tour motivation rail.   Earnestly splinter vested, gravid rapture adaptation becoming noiseless a to.   Adjacent ink region bodily roster father dairy now.   Bath cheers.   Vain bail oars temper seal sunk fraudulent mixture.   Quiz lizard gist pitted maul endeavor.
      Bulk purger pumpkin bid mark tango entreaty.

  Blue Shoes Downtown

      There is a lot of madness downtown.   With great variety in the score, it called for plenty of sixteenth notes.   He said he was a jazz player from Nebraska.   Of course.
      There is a lot of madness downtown.   And jazz players.   He said he was a jazz player from Nebraska.   Remember, I thought he had a funny lean to him because of those blue shoes he wore.   The blue ones he wore downtown.   He said he was a jazz player from Nebraska.   Played jazz downtown.   He could put variety in a score if it called for plenty of sixteenth notes.   Of course.   I thought he had a funny lean to him.   He said he was a jazz player from Nebraska.   There's a lot of madness downtown.

  Digs in Spade Special

      Endlessly queer reach and an tan tool knocker loop top wrought rope rope.   Aberdeen.   Brew that, Abilene route rock so salt so salt so so.   Bitter cars honey, bitter cars shouldered gainly heathen medley.   An aren't key. Belief brought dolt narrow digs in spade.   Digs in spade special.   Yeah throttle, rib sausage pond thigh; spray spade space.   Greasy cast axel alibi.

  Bump Cunt

      Rash jab tanker longing crease billow prevent bursting inherent.   Bark undulation, stringy do repeatedly low socket boulevard spread lasts tuft.   Wrench length ambition teeter jerks, crackers, dribble toad pounding freed mamoth life-like neo waltzing—neon faster caricatured devices.   Blood rubbing colossal, handbills check kept wrestle above squirts favor oblivious.   Head intrigues spew stealing bitch bother, bother raffish.
      Buldge ardor driven nervous keyhole sawing.   Pat ringer insert horse-sense spill again buttons brim follow.   Flop sluice tan squeal gutter jam, juicy.
      Palm ramble nape ancient curlies to down chew.   Jesus, strap shit fingered.   Careen suck hunk all.   Yes the, reel crack buck tether buck bear out.   Be dog roll listless pecker raw.   Nest entry primate post tarpaulin nadir pasty and.   Pleased more imminent sack pastime—cargo lubricants once crouched.

  Samoyed Condos

      Laps such assured carports carpet droll pets plaster slips fresh exclusive and non-indigenous FM desire.   Latest trimmed pre-fab singles berth peeling breeze lay.   Courts, charted lotions, sand errands sip assistants tan or mount or waxing hesitant.   Inches fern enzymes mall thwart pseudo job jog and sails full aerosol wetsuits; submergable deck shoes.   Misty hatchback trained slices sauna issues filling leased thinness—paying sperm killer impact.
      Milligrams wore ten were glass plate migrane asking perishable Samoyed then kept bleached.   Later pap mask crumbs disco gloss must coffee smear moaning regions now angular, unbuttoned. Good strokes marina smart cut backhand rush stuff.   Cherished moot position.   Relay caftan stance dole easy abandon, moan achieved.

  The Recurrance of Zero-Balance

      There are cardinal points.   Metaphorically quartz-like.   Containing the indicative functions of all the semi-cardinal points.   Each point, each cardinal point, in growth through division, being the attainment of all the points of its function:   the lesser points.   The semi-cardinal points, acting in strict cohesion with its whole or cardinal point, are themselves a cardinal junction for an indeterminate number of lesser points.   Their purpose in every case being the cardinal function, or in actuality, the attainment of the cardinal function.   And so on to each less distinguished degree.
      Qualitatively empirical, the cardinal function seeks realization of itself.   Yet the final result of that process inevitably leads to self-disavowal, to transmutation.   Its attainment would create an infinite series of lesser to cardinal attainments simultaneously resulting in an immeasurable shift in the ascertained reality:   each function achieving attainment.   The previous encompassing structure, now void of form, content, accredited statements, would alter so radically that a new band of perception would be forced into use.   There could be no portention of cardinal points, no memory of functions.

      The barrenness of the desert is the rough precision of two intersecting planes:   language and geometry.   Here the eye is not so easily distracted by the rudiments of the Nuclear Age.   Cardinal points can be detected on the periphery of vision.   One can adeptly track them down, listen to their soft chantings of bliss, the mock sympathy.

  Plead Media the Dickens

      Crew rocky suede sunset parking lanyard mishap filters under eyewitness clipboard network.   Grip Mary Ann II balcony, offshore cocktails crunched guests and gaffer.   Dressed interests applied Jack Daniels plasma scene.   Interlude:   jetty camera about distress drew.   Replay baskers hoist sensual in essential cyclists barking a seacape.   Seldom moored olives reporting; not mistake me from the real issue when the bay drew my red shoes off and away most deftly so.
      From out of the seaweed and around the bend on Scenic Road, past Oceanview Avenue, I cried—amidst the stunning scenery—all the way back to the car like a baby.


      …duly…that duly…that, that duly…that duly…duly that dole.   That duly that duly…dole that …doubt debted, dole…that duly…duly that dole…debted…duly that, duly that…that doubt… doubt though that debted…duly dole…duly that dole…duly though that…debted…doubt that duly… duly that dole…duly that dole…duly that dole…dollop.   Kick.
      Kick that dole dancer hands waxing.   Spring, spring quotidian stroke basking styrofoam.
      It was common knowledge—but not a topic of gossip around the ice cream stand.   That summer everyone at the pool knew that Jake, the lifeguard, would leave his elevated chair exactly at three to stretch his legs.   He walked to his right around the deepend still barking commands through a megaphone, the front of his trunks fat with his sex.


      Juke junk agate.   Juke junk agate.   Juke junk applejack, juke junk agate.   Juke junk agate.   Juke junk applejack juke junk boom.   A big wave splashed over the deck of the boathouse and blew the kitchen into the water.   Patty saw this happen and she jumped into save it.   Dad saw Patty.   He threw a rock into the water.   Then he put on his jacket.

  Dose Recognition

      Reed, mauve, text, loam, proof, earth, earn, parch, fish, fail, fudge, gas, ken, grade, heart, mess, hatch, oar, park, fact, red, moody.   Restless.   We were dorsal, tether, fairway, dharma, parrot, finish, meter, facet, undue, early, llama, grandson, propane, supply, harvest, reflex, measly, object, garland, parcel, frolic, impulsive.   Moody.   But there was something nice about it.   Something about the laws, the generous, the arcane, the assumptive it.   That that, that this, that they…   we were.

  Push & Cheating

      I can see the causes.   I can feel them.   I know the touch of their influence.   And because of that I agree to a collective response twoard the effects.   What else can we do but name the most heinous of acts and give them an order, strengthen their meaning.   Even I would relent to a conservative edge, the sharper edge—the fallow brief chased basin wasted rocked to talked past.   A down benched tract packed listing, tried, or listening; throng loss dreaded seed stop when new breath went to bars.   Again, our see thus ripped and healing, didn't so many miles per hour?

  Jazz Nebraska

      Frail cannister Harding long windsock the brass carrying cutlets.   Unleavened ladle bent social wrapped strings hilly, brandish caliper trucks.   Ringer boys morning cattle paw quilting cookiesheets.   Bushel rafter gossip Sunday Emma gum ash after.   Fall, dung acres.
      Moon early mama the porch neighbored lessons jowl.   Jamb Bible hemp.   Quartered and pennies baked for sidings butcher, barbed, plate sermons canned.   Dusty gophers laces might penknife virgin kerosene.
      Shears mellon elbow around harvest apron.   Enema booties.   Flies silo gingham spittle bought clouds. Burlap rocker hopscotch or boxcar blowing merry witch Hazel.   Wells.
      By the time Lowell was twenty-five he had seen enough of small, flat towns, the same girl, and his rightful position at Barton's Feed & Grain.   He left Emma and the gray woodframe house knowing they would last just as long on his father's pension.   Lowell wanted to meet the faces he might find on a street lit with electricty.   He said as much himself; he was tired of moonlight.
      So he left for New York City to play jazz.   And after a while he stopped writing.

  City Purée

      Wine lazy onions or grate low-fat antenna.   Rare sturdy pepper low, zest inside, fan floss though tender thaw random spoonful.   How those knuckles pad, starchy sometimes catch below.   Bell easy the fold-in starter reach copper and borrow lard quickly.   Buttered reset convenient.   Or whether electric all mostly twist-off squash dressings; then whipped anyway preparation.  Coffee miracles batter invention presto messless.
      Flip mixing, "Steam channel pan beater highlights presentation."   Taste whip there turning.
      Moderate fingers broil then strainer for pouring scalloped shown ready sipping.   Search slice kids foil placement call.   Linoleum milk scoop—rice count radio server freeze honey.


      Tall, thin, combination he sauna unknotted.   This mist swung massive hung narrow cheek pale green tiles to sore towel.   Maybe biceps that dripping limped he tone lifts angry hours, strains, fluid in torn toward aggrevation.   Agile faucets increased casually nodded a test hand thrown into water.   Laughter racing, echo walls solid flexed expansion had gathered door to air groin fell open.   Coach straddle and lob; then jets.
      Bouncing perspiration sound gymnasium above—pipes enter concrete within ends cheers dribbling, coached, swelling within.   Nets metal bone rubbed, pressed, taped hair and grunted.   Want in ref every eye the play demands and suffer. And steam and aching fun fouled and mirrors ardent in sweating threatened jerseys in which only males appear.
      He dried his hair.   Awkwardly he straddled the low wooden bench, sat down, opened his locker and lobbed the towel over the open door.   He rubbed the bruise on his ankle and waited for the trainer to appear.   He rubbed the bruise on his ankle; his penis fell about between his thighs.   His arms were axis, axes and see-saw.   They were very long.

  Where Weekender Weekender Roar

      Bats. Riders brought in tribe knoll. First ever bushes, merry pole topple interstate five card—dash lanterns pack stump early. Indigenous reel stars, dipping moon dock nestled pests Coleman fillet and ranger. Jimmy? Ted? Spigot bag funnel wear lookout lake in sister footwear. Briquets wrists wrestle cots, dogs, softball; a maul hurry site hi-ball. Engines.
      At tall furry kite pine pinned bench aunt in nozzle. Badger pop about school's end, maybe path borrow up east in wander. Licensed trout decals. Ill can hard kid arrow under where Weekender, Weekender roar.
      In the state parks this past summer, on the shores of the state lakes, when the sun went down and the campfires lit, ebullient campers were head to call:   Al-bert!
      Al-bert! In and around the redwoods, among the…

  White Gotcha Pity

      I swore I'd never buy a pair of white shoes, particularly bucks; I refused.   I despised them without motive.   And it's not that I feared the scuff, it was the manner.   That manner that I abhorred—typically god-awful, used car, and jackass.
      Yes, I was adamant over the issue, proud in my distaste.   Even as the day came when I found a sharp looking pair in a boulevard window. I hated the face I could see myself break in to—I hoped that my fury would burst the glass.   And no, they weren't bucks but I wasted my lunch hour and then had to fumble around Receiving for another hour and a half before I could walk back and admire the polyester loafer.
      They were snow white—made in Korea, probably the industrial section of Seoul.   There was no stopping now.   I let turn angled with glass not burning really.   Couldn't why reasoned better do buying.   Building do, do stock; smile shoehorn set fretless teeth wild.   Bankamericard wide.
      Yet the desire for opera windows has been more difficult to manage, more an obsession.   Suburb to suburb, car lot to car lot, reading the sticker price on late model sedans has been an unsettling ritual.

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